244876 5-DRAWER FLAT FILE 403 ⁄4”W X 283 ⁄8”D X 161 ⁄8”H* 244877 CLOSED BASE 403 ⁄4”W X 283 ⁄8”D X 4”H 244878 OPEN BASE 403 ⁄4”W X 283 ⁄8”D X 20”H 244885 10-DRAWER FLAT FILE 463 ⁄4”W X 353 ⁄8”D X 161 ⁄8”H**** 244880 CLOSED BASE 463 ⁄4”W X 353 ⁄8”D X 4”H 244881 OPEN BASE 463 ⁄4”W X 353 ⁄8”D X 20”H 244879 5-DRAWER FLAT FILE 463 ⁄4”W X 353 ⁄8”D X 161 ⁄8”H** 244880 CLOSED BASE 463 ⁄4”W X 353 ⁄8”D X 4”H 244881 OPEN BASE 463 ⁄4”W X 353 ⁄8”D X 20”H 244882 5-DRAWER FLAT FILE 533 ⁄4”W X 415 ⁄16”D X 161 ⁄8”H*** 244883 CLOSED BASE 553 ⁄4”W X 413 ⁄8”D X 4”H 244884 OPEN BASE 553 ⁄4”W X 413 ⁄8”D X 20”H FLAT FILE / HANGING FILES FLAT FILE / HANGING FILES 23 WWW.SANDUSKYLEE.COM 5- and 10-Drawer Flat File Steel flat file is ideal for both work-in-progress and archival storage. The 5-drawer and 10-drawer models provide a reliable place to store flat all your valuable documents and graphics. All flat files are modular — they can be used individually or in a space-saving stack. If your filing needs grow, simply add another flat file cabinet. Museum/archival quality paint finish ensures that there is no out-gassing and that the atmosphere in the flat files has no acidity or alkalinity (pH) created by the finish. 5-Drawer Flat Files: Versatile file stores up to 500 sheets per unit active filing, 750 sheets of semi-active or 1,000 sheets of inactive material. Five large capacity 17 ⁄8” deep drawers in the three cabinet sizes. 10-Drawer Flat Files: Ideal for high traffic project storage areas. Ten 11 ⁄8” deep drawers allow the easy retrieval or materials can be stacked with 5-drawer flat file cabinets for customized high volume storage. Cabinets are 20 gauge steel, 18 gauge steel drawers. Central locking system. A. 5-Drawer Flat File with open base B. Two 5-Drawer Flat Files stacked on closed base C. 10-Drawer Flat File with open base *Inside Drawer: 375 ⁄16”W X 257 ⁄16”D X 17 ⁄8”H ****Inside Drawer: 433 ⁄8”W X 323 ⁄8”D X 7 ⁄8”H ** Inside Drawer: 433 ⁄8”W X 323 ⁄8”D X 17 ⁄8”H *** Inside Drawer: 503 ⁄8”W X 387 ⁄16”D X 17 ⁄8”H F.O.B. Pennsylvania only. / HANGING FILES B C A A B C D E S5001 191 ⁄2”W X 21 ⁄2”D X 3 ⁄4”H S5002 251 ⁄2”W X 21 ⁄2”D X 3 ⁄4”H S5003 303 ⁄4”W X 21 ⁄2”D X 3 ⁄4”H S5004 361 ⁄8”W X 21 ⁄2”D X 3 ⁄4”H S5005 421 ⁄8”W X 21 ⁄2”D X 3 ⁄4”H E. Hanging Clamps Aluminum Document Hanging Clamps securely hold drawings in place for reference and storage. Adjustment knobs provide even gripping tension. Sold in packs of 6. S5026 271 ⁄2 - 371 ⁄2” W X 27”D X 451 ⁄4 - 611 ⁄2”H A. Pivot Mobile Stand Four swivel casters with two locking. Frame adjusts to accommodate 1200 sheets. Includes 12 pivot brackets to hold clamps. S5016 15” W X 24”D X 97 ⁄8”H B. Pivot Wall Rack Pivot wall rack can store up to 1200 sheets. Included mounting hardware and 12 pivot brackets. S5060 253 ⁄4 - 433 ⁄4” W X 201 ⁄2”D X 51”H C. Drop/Lift Mobile Plan Four swivel casters with two locking. Holds up to 1800 sheets. Adjustable to fit 24” to 42” clamps. S5030 117 ⁄16” W X 811 ⁄16”H D. Drop/Lift Wall Rack Space efficient model extends less than 12” from the wall. Holds up to 1200 sheets. Includes mounting hardware. F.O.B. Illinois only. 07 09 02* 05 06*