LAPTOP / TABLET SECURITY CARTS A. Mobile Tablet Storage Cart 40 tablet capacity, 20 tablets on each of two shelves. Upper inside shelf is for laptop storage. All three shelves adjust on 2” centers and have anti-skid mats. The divider is 4” x 151 ⁄2” 11 ⁄4” in between. The top of the cart has an anti-skid mat and wire grommets to the inside of the cart. A bottom shelf is provided for storage or mounting the power strip and the USB Hubs (optional). Wires can be run from the front or rear of the cart using mounting clips that receive the cables. Front and rear doors have full piano hinges and two-point locking paddle handles/keys. Ventilation holes for air circulation. Powder coat finish. A/C Charging System (OPTIONAL) Model #TCS-40 A/C power strip that is surge protected. MTS362437-00 36”W X 24”D X 43”H (WITH CASTERS) B. Wall-Mount Laptop Safe/Security Cabinet Powder coated charcoal color. 20 gauge welded steel construction. Fits most laptops that are 17” or smaller. The platform where the laptop sits is 121 ⁄4”H x 171 ⁄4”W and comes with a cushioned pad. When the door is down the length from the back of the cabinet to the top of the door (platform) is 183 ⁄4”. Electronic keypad lock run by 4-AA batteries. No need for keys. Has administrative password and user password. Both can be changed. Keypad has two backup emergency means. The first is an external power source. If the battery fails, it plugs into the keypad. The second is a key, if the code is forgotten. This is located under the handle plate. The platform has adjustable elastic straps to hold the laptop securely in place when closed. The left and right sides of the unit each have a grommet 11 ⁄2” in diameter for power cords to allow for charging when the laptop is secured. Cell phone and camera storage holders included. Features side vent holes for ventilation. Space in bottom for a power strip. Shipped UPS. Shipping weight is 20 lbs. WLAP2016* 205 ⁄8”W X 51 ⁄4”D X 191 ⁄2”H * Ships UPS F.O.B. Illinois only. F.O.B. Pennsylvania only. C. Mobile Laptop Security Cabinet Welded steel construction. Cabinets are 18 gauge steel for the sides and 22 gauge for the shelves. Wire management in lower portion of cabinet. Wire management space behind the shelves in the back of the cabinet is approximately 61 ⁄2”. Two cord exit holes in bottom rear of cabinet. Ventilation on sides of cabinet for air circulation. 2” backstop on three sides of top with non-slip rubber pad. Doors open a full 180° for easy access. Room for approximately 16 laptops on 36” shelves, and 24 laptops on 46” wide model. Four 5” casters – 2 locking. Powder coat finish. Rear door access. MLS5236-00 36”W X 24”D X 52”H MLS5248-00 46”W X 24”D X 52”H F.O.B. Pennsylvania only. MLS5236-00EC 36”W X 24”D X 52”H MLS5248-00EC 46”W X 24”D X 52”H D. Optional Electronic Power Charge System Has a power management module containing 4 timed outlets. Charging module is furnished with a 10’ cord. Provides power in alternating segments of 15 minutes. Has an easily accessible “always on” duplex on back with an on / reset switch. Unit has 2 surge protectors, each with outlets for 16 laptop charging units. Each surge protector is individually fused for maximum protection. Includes vertical mount outlet power strip and 7” PDU with circuit protection and electronic switch for power management. TCS-40 ORDER SEPARATELY Cabinet shown with optional electronic power charge system. B A C D 01 07 22 04 09 02 08 MG 05 06 SPECIAL ORDER COLORS AVAILABLE LAPTOP / TABLET SECURITY CARTS 29 WWW.SANDUSKYLEE.COM CLOSED