KEY CABINETS & KEY FILING SYSTEMS 46 Key Cabinets All key cabinets have full piano hinges, easy-access slotted steel key racks with number guides, and numbered key control charts. Secure wafer tumbler locks are all keyed differently so no key fits other units. Steel construction, slotted in back for easy wall mounting. Durable molded plastic key tags have large easy-to-read numbers and metal snap-hooks. Yellow “Key Loaned” tags are also included with every cabinet. Two keys included. For our 200 capacity key cabinets color coded tags make Buddy key cabinets even easier to use. Each section of 100 numbers features a different color for more convenient identification of specific departments, floors, etc. KEY CABINETS & KEY FILING SYSTEMS A. B. C. D. E. F. 0130 30 KEY CABINET GREY (-1), PUTTY (-6) 10”W X 3”D X 12”H 0160 60 KEY CABINET PUTTY (-6) 10”W X 3”D X 12”H 1100 100 KEY CABINET PUTTY (-6) 16”W X 3”D X 22”H 1200 200 KEY CABINET PUTTY (-6) 16”W X 3”D X 22”H A B D C 28 Hook Key Cabinet Perfect for organizing keys on any size or shape key ring. Includes plastic key tags. Slotted for wall mounting. Wafer tumbler lock with two keys included. 0128 PLATINUM (-32) 10”W X 3”D X 12”H Hanging File Key Caddy A unique space saving 50-key rack, designed to fit any standard “Pendaflex” type hanging file system. You can secure 50 keys in just 2 inches. Letter size, the “Key Caddy” flips in and out of your locking file cabinet or desk drawer quickly and easily. Embossed steel construction with putty enamel finish. 1250 PUTTY (-6) 121 ⁄2”W X 11 ⁄8”D X 91 ⁄4”H E F WWW.SANDUSKYLEE.COM F.O.B. Illinois only.