48 CASH BOXES, CASH TRAYS AND CHECK FILES CASH BOXES, CASH TRAYS AND CHECK FILES 0505 STAMP AND COIN BOX GREY (-1) 51 ⁄2”W X 33 ⁄8”D X 3”H Stamp and Coin Box Space-saving unit fits in corner of desk drawer. Convenient 11 ⁄4”W x 3 ⁄16”H slot lid. Wafer tumbler lock. Two keys included. No handle on unit. 0513 METAL CASH BOX W/ HANDLE PLATINUM (-32) 11”W X 73 ⁄4”D X 4”H Metal Cash Box with Handle The comfortable handle on top of the Cash Box makes it easily transportable. 7-compartment money tray removes to reveal storage space. Cash box has a smooth powder-coated finish. Full length, heavy-duty piano hinges. Hasp Lock, 2 keys included. 0590 CASHIER’S CHECK STUB FILE GREY (-1) 103 ⁄16”W X 41 ⁄2”D X 31 ⁄8”H 0544 COIN AND BILL TRAY WITH LID BLACK (-4) 143 ⁄8”W X 111 ⁄2”D X 2”H 0533 COIN AND BILL TRAY BLACK (-4) 151 ⁄8”W X 91 ⁄4”D X 15 ⁄8”H Coin and Bill Tray, Plastic-10 Compartment 10 compartments; fits any desk drawer and cash boxes 0530. Coin and Bill Tray with Lid 10 compartment tray with metal security lid. Includes wafer lock on lid and two keys. No handle on unit. Cashier’s Check Stub File Convenient 4” x 3 ⁄16” slot for insertion of checks or stamps. Wafer tumbler lock. No handle on unit. WWW.SANDUSKYLEE.COM F.O.B. Illinois only.