CLASSICTM DESK ORGANIZERS 51 D J H E Œ Not pictured. Horizontal Tier Tray Desktop Organizers Horizontal desk trays feature radius cutout shelves for easy access to papers and files. Durable, heavy-duty base for stability. Available in multiple shelf configurations, letter size (#0403-#0407) and legal size (#0414-#0416). Single unit desk trays stack horizontally on unique stacking slots for a “one-piece” look. Solid side panels ensure stability. A. B. C. D. E. F. G. 0404Œ LETTER SIZE 4 TIER TRAY BLACK (-4) 12”W X 91 ⁄2”D X 95 ⁄8”H 0405Œ LETTER SIZE 5 TIER TRAY BLACK (-4) 12”W X 91 ⁄2”D X 12”H 0406Œ LETTER SIZE 6 TIER TRAY BLACK (-4) 12”W X 91 ⁄2”D X 143 ⁄8”H 0407 LETTER SIZE 7 TIER TRAY BLACK (-4) 12”W X 91 ⁄2”D X 16”H 0408 NO POST STACKING TRAY BLACK (-4) 12”W X 9”D X 23 ⁄4”H 0414Œ LEGAL SIZE 4 TIER TRAY BLACK (-4) 15”W X 91 ⁄2”D X 95 ⁄8”H 0416Œ LEGAL SIZE 6 TIER TRAY BLACK (-4) 15”W X 91 ⁄2”D X 143 ⁄8”H Vertical Separators Great for folders, papers, binders and books, vertical separators feature radius cut-outs for easy access and visibility. The #550 has a 3” center compartment for larger binders and bulky reports, remaining compartments are 2” wide. All other separators have 2” compartments. H. I. J. 0550 5 POCKET BLACK (-4) 11”W X 103 ⁄4”D X 71 ⁄4”H 0560Œ 6 POCKET BLACK (-4) 113 ⁄4”W X 103 ⁄4”D X 71 ⁄4”H 0580 8 POCKET BLACK (-4) 153 ⁄4”W X 103 ⁄4”D X 71 ⁄4”H CLASSICTM DESK ORGANIZERS 0710 WIRE ORGANIZER BLACK (-4) 181 ⁄2”W X 8”D X 73 ⁄4”H 0709 EXTRA DIVIDERS GALVANIZED STEEL (-0) 101 ⁄4”W X 1”D X 71 ⁄2”H 8 Section Wire Organizer Hold folders and files, binders and reports - sections adjust in 1” increments to fit your individual needs! More sections can be made by using extra dividers, available in packs of 3 (Item No. 0709). K. L. 30% Recycled Content Steel Desk Organizer Four compartment steel desktop organizer. One compartment holds pens, pencils, scissors etc. Three additional compartments to hold mail, messages, memo pads and business cards. 0500-4 4 COMPARTMENT BLACK (-4) 65 ⁄8”W X 31 ⁄2”D X 5”H M. Locking Business/Personal File Organizer Keep receipts and papers neatly organized and filed in this attractive file. Handy built-in side rails for letter size hanging file folders. Sturdy carrying handle and wafer-tumber lock with two keys. Constructed of embossed textured steel. 0604: Guides are not included. 0604 FILE W/O GUIDES BLACK (-4) 131 ⁄2”W X 10”D X 107 ⁄8”H N. K L M N WWW.SANDUSKYLEE.COM F.O.B. Illinois only.