WIRE MESH DESK ACCESSORIES ZD018 HORIZONTAL LETTER TRAY BLACK (-4) 125 ⁄16”W X 115 ⁄16”D X 1313 ⁄16”H 4 Tier Horizontal Letter Tray Well constructed, lightweight. Modern design 2” between trays. Trays slide back and forth for easy handling of documents. ZD019 MAGAZINE HOLDER BLACK (-4) 10”W X 213 ⁄16”D X 125 ⁄8”H Wire Mesh Magazine Holder Modern & space saving. Holds large catalogs & magazines upright and visible. ZD020 DESK ORGANIZER BLACK (-4) 811 ⁄16”W X 415 ⁄16”D X 41 ⁄2”H Wire Desk Organizer 5 compartment organizer. Modern & space saving. ZD021 BUSINESS CARD HOLDER BLACK (-4) 315 ⁄16”W X 35 ⁄16”D X 15 ⁄8”H Wire Mesh Business Card Holder Open design will accommodate a range of card sizes. ZD022 ROUND CLIP HOLDER BLACK (-4) 31 ⁄2”W X 35 ⁄16”D X 11 ⁄2”H Wire Mesh Round Clip Holder Accommodates clips, push pins, and rubber bands. ZD023 WASTEBASKET BLACK (-4) 101 ⁄2”W X 101 ⁄2”D X 11”H Wire Mesh Wastebasket Modern, durable sturdy steel. E. F. G. H. I. J. ZD024 PENCIL CUP BLACK (-4) 31 ⁄2”W X 31 ⁄2”D X 4”H Wire Mesh Pencil Cup Modern and roomy for all your writing tools. Can be used to store rubber bands and even paper clips. K. ZD025 LETTER HOLDER BLACK (-4) 7”W X 31 ⁄4”D X 51 ⁄4”H Wire Mesh Letter Holder 4 compartment letter, envelope, or document holder. Space saving and great for notepads. L. ZD017 DOCUMENT TRAY BLACK (-4) 141 ⁄2”W X 93 ⁄4”D X 3”H Wire Mesh Stacking Document Tray Well constructed modern lightweight stackable tray. Plenty of space to handle documents. M. E F G H I J K M L 54 WIRE MESH DESK ACCESSORIES WWW.SANDUSKYLEE.COM F.O.B. Illinois only.