6323 LOBBY SIGN HOLDER SILVER (-3), BLACK (-4) 12”W X 12”D X 48”H Lobby Sign Holder Attractive lobby sign holder includes heavy duty steel literature pocket, which is removable, with easy insert mounting holes. Crystal Acrylic Sign Holder opens for easy insertion of literature up to 11”W x 141 ⁄2”H. Optional “Take One” label included. Can accommodate additional products from Buddy, including suggestion boxes, interoffice mailbox, or optional add-on pocket #6322. Available for literature to be displayed on both sides. Powder coated steel. Available in Silver (-3), Black (-4). PICTURED WITH SUGGESTION BOX #5620 PICTURED WITH OFFICE MAILBOX #5625 PICTURED WITH SUGGESTION BOX #5622 57 Solid Oak Literature Display Racks These solid oak literature racks add style and elegance to any lobby, reception area or waiting room. Pockets are graciously sized to display magazines, catalogs, brochures, even newspapers, and the scoop design allows for maximum visibility, as well as easy access. Solid oak sides with veneer back and front. Pockets measure 91 ⁄2” x 3 ⁄4” x 11”. Hardware Included. Solid Oak Base for Literature Racks Conserve wall space! Turn solid oak wall racks into free-standing floor racks using the single base. 0611 5 POCKET MED. OAK (-11), MAHOGANY (-16) 11”W X 33 ⁄4”D X 24”H 0612 12 POCKET BLACK (-4), MAHOGANY (-16) 11”W X 33 ⁄4”D X 48”H 0617 SINGLE BASE BLACK (-4), MED. OAK (-11), MAHOGANY (-16), MED. CHERRY (-17) 14”W X 3 ⁄4”D X 53 ⁄4”H DISPLAY RACKS DISPLAY RACKS F.O.B. Illinois only. WWW.SANDUSKYLEE.COM