WALL POCKETS 59 A C D Dr. Pocket™ Wall Files Single unit wall pockets can be expanded as needs change by adding on additional pockets. Hardware included. The HIPAA Friendly Dr. Pocket™ Offers the privacy physicians need to comply with HIPAA regulations in today’s medical field. Unit is designed to hide critical information from view. Visible window located in the middle bottom of the pocket serves 2 functions: 1) Quickly identify if files are present and 2) To use finger to push files up for fast removal. Can be easily mounted on the door or wall in any office (hardware included). Available in letter size only. Inside pocket measures 123 ⁄4”W x 1”D at bottom, 21 ⁄2”D at top x 93 ⁄8”H. Triple Wall Pocket Keep important projects neat and orderly with the single unit triple wall pocket. Mount on the door or wall, or hang over a cubicle. Inside pocket measurements 123 ⁄4”W: 1”D at bottom, 21 ⁄2”D at top, x 93 ⁄8”H. Hardware included. 5201 LETTER SIZE WALL POCKET STAINLESS STEEL (-00), BLACK (-4), PLATINUM (-32) 141 ⁄2”W X 21 ⁄2”D X 71 ⁄4”H 5202Œ LEGAL SIZE WALL POCKET BLACK (-4), PLATINUM (-32) 171 ⁄2”W X 21 ⁄2”D X 81 ⁄4”H 5204 HIPAA WALL POCKET BLACK (-4), PLATINUM (-32) 141 ⁄2”W X 21 ⁄2”D X 93 ⁄8”H 5210 TRIPLE WALL POCKET BLACK (-4), PLATINUM (-32) 141 ⁄2”W X 21 ⁄2”D X 171 ⁄2”H A. B. C. D. WALL POCKETS WWW.SANDUSKYLEE.COM F.O.B. Illinois only.