Cash Boxes

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    Paymaster Box

    Convenient 21⁄4” H unit designed to fit into a desk drawer. 10-compartment coin and bill tray. Double catch lock. Handles located on the sides of the unit.

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    Stamp & Coin Box

    Space-saving unit fits in corner of desk drawer. Convenient 1-1/4"W x 3/16"H slot lid. Wafer tumbler lock with 2 keys.

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    Heavy Duty Strong Box without Tray

    Equipped with a special pin tumbler vending lock mechanism. Box features full piano hinges. Convenient handle located on the top of the unit. Wafer tumbler lock with 2 keys. Comes without tray.

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    Metal Cash Box with Handle

    The comfortable handle on top of the cash box makes it easily transportable. Seven-compartment money tray removes to reveal storage space. Smooth powder coated finish. Full length, heavy-duty piano hinges. Hasp lock, 2 keys included.

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    Jumbo Cash Box

    Keep larger denomination bills and checks out of sight. Extra deep cash box features a standard size 7-compartment tray which can slide back and forth to expose storage area below. Includes hasp lock to accommodate a padlock (not included).

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    Jumbo Cash. Security Box w/ Tray

    Extra large 6"H storage box for cash, bonds, securities and other valuables. Double catch lock. 10-compartment coin and bill tray. Handle located on the side of the unit.

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    Cash Controller

    Keeps money in place with spring-loaded money clips. 5-compartment coin tray automatically lifts with lid for easy access to storage area. Prevent unwanted money visibility as lid stops 90 degrees from resting position. Wafer tumbler lock with 2 keys. Convenient handle on lid.

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    Plastic Coin & Bill Tray, 10 Compartment

    Keep cash from concession and ticket sales neatly organized with Buddy Products' Coin and Bill Tray. This black plastic tray has 10 compartment and fits in most desk drawers and Jumbo Cash Box model #0530.

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    Coin & Bill Tray with Lid

    10 compartment tray with metal security lid. Includes wafer lock on lid and two keys.

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    Cashiers Check Stub File

    Keep bills, checks , or stamps secure, organized and accessible. Convenient 4 x 3/16" slot for the easy insertion of checks or stamps. The wafer tumbler lock keeps contents secure and protected. Made in the USA using 30% post-consumer recycled material. Can be wall-mounted.

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    Counterfeit Money Detector Pen

    Allows you to be confident that bills are not counterfeit. Not guaranteed to detect all counterfeit bills. Compatible with new currency. Mark pen on US paper money. Yellow means bill is good, black means bill is suspect.

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