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Power Strip PS-8 Fan UF12A Options Available Features COMPUTER SECURITY CABINETS COMPUTER SECURITY CABINETS 23WWW.SANDUSKYLEE.COM JG2663 26W X 24D X 63H 16CC303064-00 30W X 30D X 70H JG6625 26W X 24D X 63H 22 gauge steel construction. Solutions for better wire management. Monitor viewable through 16W x 151 2H acrylic window. Fully welded shipped assembled except casters where applicable. Durable powder coat finish. Also accommodates traditional monitors. B. Mobile Computer Security Workstation 2 grommet in bottom shelf for easy wire management. Monitor shelf wire way in back of shelf for easy access of wiring between upper and lower portions of cabinet. 4 heavy-duty 5 casters 2 locking. Cabinet supports 150 lbs. Keyboard shelf 20 x 151 2 x 2. Upper locking compartment interior is 253 4 x 223 4 x 233 4. Window with separate cam lock for security. Lower locking compartment with 1 adjustable shelf adjusts on 1 centers is 21 x 23 x 241 2. Flat panel kit included. Optional fan. A. Mobile Computer Security Workstation with Slide-Out Shelf and Work Surface Convenient slope work surface side shelf. 2 grommets in the bottom sides and top for easy wire management. Bottom unit has 6 wire way with rear door access. All doors and flip- down drawer lock. 121 8W x 187 8D side mounting posting shelf which can be accessed from left or right. Lower compartment has an extendable printer shelf which adjusts on 3 center 20W x 1615 16D. Lower compartment has a flip-down drawer front and extendable keyboard drawer 20W x 163 8D. Upper compartment has a vented back and accommodates most 24 flat screen monitors interior size is 2515 16W x 101 2D x 191 2H. Upper compartment has a locking clear view door with an acrylic window. The size is 143 4W x 161 4H upper section door opening is 213 4W x 165 8H. This unit has a 213 4W x 3H storage section between the upper and lower sections. This unit has a 26W x 12D 10 sloped work surface. F.O.B. Pennsylvania only. F.O.B. Pennsylvania only. Flip Down Locking Drawer Front Flat Panel Kit C. Mobile Computer Cabinet for Extreme Environments Extra heavy-duty 16 gauge Door seals and air-intakes for fan filter out dirt and dust preventing it from entering system. All welded. Completely secured. Piano hinges on all doors. 251 2W x 30D x 211 2H monitor section. 441 2 work height. 241 2W x 241 2D slide out keyboard tray. 251 2W x 30D x 331 2H lower cabinet with adjustable pull-out printer shelf. Four 5 casters 2 locking. Powder coat finish. F.O.B. Tennessee only. A B C 07 0902 05 06