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STEEL SHELVING PALLET RACK COMPONENTS Treadplate Welded Rack Four wire shelves provide ample storage. Shelves adjust in 3 increments to fit any storage needs. NSF certified. Heavy-duty steel construction for durability. Treadplate embossed beam design. C. Upright Frames Heavy-duty 13 gauge welded roll formed steel construction. Features teardrop punch pattern every 2 for flexible beam adjustability. Horizontal and diagonal braces create a strong stable system. Welded pre-punched footplates for easy anchoring. Durable powder coat finish in green. E. Wire Decking Heavy duty 5-gauge wire mesh allows visibility air and sprinkler penetration for enhanced fire safety. Easy to install the waterfall style decking wraps over the beam to provide a secure brace eliminating movement between deck and beam. Includes three support channels. Powder coat finish. F. Pallet Rack Support Crossbars Installs between two beams to assist in supporting pallet loads. 16 gauge steel with pre-galvanized finish. D. Beams Heavy-duty 16 gauge roll formed welded steel. 15 8 high step to accommodate cross bars and decking. Interlock stud and keyhole connection automatically locks into columns. Piston lock secures beam into place. No tools for installation. Durable finish in orange. TP722472W4 77W X 24D X 72H 2000 LB. SHELF CAPACITY TP722472W3 77W X 24D X 72H 2000 LB. SHELF CAPACITY RF207 42D X 96H 19300 LB. LOAD CAPACITY RF209 42D X 120H 19300 LB. LOAD CAPACITY RF211 42D X 144H 19300 LB. LOAD CAPACITY RWD4246 46W X 42D 2500 LB. LOAD CAPACITY RWD4252 52W X 42D 2500 LB. LOAD CAPACITY RWD4258 58W X 42D 2500 LB. LOAD CAPACITY RA221 42D X 2H RB214 96W X 23 4H 4120 LB. LOAD CAPACITY PER BEAM PAIR RB215 108W X 23 4H 4046 LB. LOAD CAPACITY PER BEAM PAIR RB232 120W X 23 4H 4368 LB. LOAD CAPACITY PER BEAM PAIR Load capacity based on evenly distributed loads. STEEL SHELVING PALLET RACK COMPONENTS34 WWW.SANDUSKYLEE.COM C D E F F.O.B. Illinois only.