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XA4D361872-00L 36W X 18D X 79H XA4D362472-00L 36W X 24D X 79H XA4D461872-00L 46W X 18D X 79H XA4D462472-00L 46W X 24D X 79H Extra Heavy-Duty Storage Cabinets All welded 16-gauge steel construction. Superior strength and security. Paddle style handle with three point lock system with key lock keys included. Four heavy 16-gauge shelves adjust on 2 centers and support 1000 lbs. evenly dispersed. Strong steel legs raise the cabinet 7 off the floor. Full piano hinge. Charcoal powder coat finish. Pull-Out Tray Shelves Convenient pull-out shelves on full extension ball-bearing slides. Tray design shelves 13 4 sideback lip 5 8 front lip hold 200 lbs. each and have a built in interlock system to prevent more than one shelf from opening at a time to avoid tipping. Three point locking handlekeys secure the contents. Four leg levelers to keep cabinet level on uneven surface. Powder coat finish. Has two pull-out bottom shelves center fixed shelf and two top adjustable shelves. Paddle Lock F.O.B. Tennessee only. F.O.B. California and Pennsylvania only. PULL-OUT TRAY SHELVES EXTRA HEAVY-DUTY STORAGE 13WWW.SANDUSKYLEE.COM PULL-OUT TRAY SHELVES EXTRA HEAVY-DUTY STORAGE ET52362466-00LL 36W X 24D X 66H ET22362466-00LL 36W X 24D X 66H 01 07 2204 0902 08 MG05 06 SPECIAL ORDER COLORS AVAILABLE SEE PAGE 38 07 0902 05 06 SPECIAL ORDER COLORS AVAILABLE SEE PAGE 38 Height includes 7 for legs.